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There are many variations of the game, but generally the main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team, or forcing them to move outside the court boundaries when a ball is thrown at them. In the United States, the game is typically played among children 6-12 in elementary school. However, internationally, the sport has also emerged as a popular middle school, high school and college sport.




Basketball is one of the world’s most popular and widely viewed sports. its also one of our most frequent requested sports to date. Women’s basketball is also a popular sport, even though it does not receive nearly as much attention as men’s basketball, we help both boys and girls find their feet through the fundamentals of the game.




Handball (also known as Borden ball) is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outfield players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team. Frequently used as a warm up, the game of handball is a fun way to create a team building atmosphere.




Athletics is an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jump- ing, throwing, and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field and cross country running. The simplicity of the competitions, and the lack of a need for equipment, makes athletics one of the most commonly competed sports in the world.




Tag rugby, or flag rugby, is a non-contact team game in which each player wears a belt that has two velcro tags attached to it, or shorts with velcro patches. Attacking players attempt to dodge, evade and pass a rugby ball while defenders attempt to prevent them scoring by “tagging” – pulling a velcro attached tag from the ball carrier, rather than a full contact tackle.




Try our cricket after school club.The game is played by 120 million players world wide, making it the world’s second most popular sport. Cricket was first played in southern England in or before the 16th century. By the end of the 18th century, it had developed to be the national sport of England.




Saving the best till last, Football is the UK’s leading sport. We do many variations of the game of football that cater to the wider age group. This can be before, during or after school clubs.




Our out of school half term and summer camp program is the fastest way to connect to young people from all backgrounds. First introduced to Shireland Collegiate academy in 2013, the program has seen years 7, 8 and 9 take part in various sports and theme parks across the west midlands. in 2014 it was introduced to 8 primary schools including cape primary, shireland hall and Victoria park.

The aim is to help young people find there niche whilst putting the fundamentals of sport into every day life.

The outcome has seen those struggling with self esteem and confidence excel in all areas.

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