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Football Development Centre

Sports 4 Kids / Football Development Centre

The Development Centre is set up to help children between the ages of 3 and 16 years old perfect their skills which they already have. The program covers a number of areas which is structured into a fun and relaxed way. By doing this, it allows every individual to learn at their own pace and move up the development centre ladder. There are 4 Centres around the West Midlands and each centre will follow the structure and ethos of Sports4Kids.


The Basics – you may find that your child is more advanced at this stage, if not, don’t worry. We make it our aim to keep each session fresh and a new experience for those taking part.


Technical Sessions – Every football player spends time on their craft, why? because it helps improve their own technical ability, fitness, understanding and more, involved with the game of football. We make it a priority to keep this part going. New tricks such as step overs and half turns are just the tip of the ice burg as we aim to give the very best.


Football Matches – Our football matches are on a ‘as and when basis’. This means we don’t always focus on playing a match but we understand it comes part and parcel with the development factor, so we make sure we play a friendly game for our parents to see their child’s own development and confidence. Our U15’s will have a pre season tour against a minimum of 2 football clubs in the U.K, previously lining up against Rushall Olympic Scholars program, Sutton Coldfield Town, Feta LTD, Wolverhampton Wonderers Fc Development Centre and Continental Stars FC U15’s.


“Our Football Development Centres range from 3 years old to 16 years old and are based within the Birmingham area. Private coaching sessions are also available”.

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